Hamilton: I could taste the title

Questions to the new Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton from the Victory Award and from the Press Conference after the US Grand Prix.

It must be a day of great emotion for you, has a childhood dream come true?

Hamilton: Yes, it is. Right now, I’m just overwhelmed. It’s hard to find the right words. I remember when I won my first British championship. On the way back, I sang with my father We are the Champions. It’s crazy to think I’m a three-time Formula One World Champion now. I owe it all to my father and my family, who have always supported me all these years and sacrificed so much for me. (…) If there’s anything I can inspire people with, it’s that you should never give up on your dream, your hopes and your desires.

What does it mean to have become world champion at all?

Hamilton: This is the greatest for every driver. That’s all I can do. Your ultimate goal is to win, always and everywhere. Making the best of it, being better than the others. When you become World Champion, it shows your greatness and that of the people around you: The whole unit, the team work.

They spoke of the Hamilton legacy after their title last year, also of their brother. How does it feel now?

Hamilton: I am not the only one who has achieved great things in my family. First of all, my father, he came out of nowhere. He never wanted his children to have to fight the way he had to. My brother, who is seven years younger, is one of the first to race with disabilities himself. He also wants to inspire other people. He never wants to take advantage of me. While I am sitting here in front of the camera now, I am only a small part of a big whole that is very strong.

Is it their goal to stop the title record of Michael Schumacher with seven world championships won?

Hamilton: For me, it has always been their goal to create these three like Ayrton Senna. He didn’t come from the same country as me, but when I was young, he was the one who inspired me. I don’t know what’s coming right now. There’s no one else I’m looking at that I want to be equal to. How were their emotions on the last round of the World Cup title?

Hamilton: The last ten, 15 rounds were the intense ones. This was no ordinary race. (…) Emotions went up and down. Then I was behind the safety car and I thought, “Okay, the World Cup is there now, how do I get it?” Of course, I could have done it in the next race, but I wanted to do it now. It was so close I could taste it.
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