Hamilton complains of weight gain

Hunger tours no longer pay for Formula One drivers from the season 2019. In order to avert the trend towards lighter and lighter drivers, from next year the World Motor Association will prescribe a minimum weight of 80 kilograms for drivers and seats in formula 1. Mercedes-Pilot Lewis Hamilton can win something for him –even if not with a view to formula 1.

Then I can become a bodybuilder and go to the beach as I want to look,”says Hamilton, who could then no longer pay attention to every kilo but train an adequate beach figure. Apart from this not very serious point, Hamilton opposes the constant increase in the weight of Formula One cars.

“I don’t want to deviate and spread negative mood again, but the cars become heavier year after year,” he complains. 2018 increases the minimum weight of the cars due to the introduction of halo by six to 734 kilograms, 2019 must weigh the car including the driver even 740 kilogram. For comparison: 2008, in the year of Hamilton’s first championship, the minimum weight of a Formula One car was still 605 kilograms.

“I liked it better in the past”

The four-time world champion is now thinking back with longing. “In the past I liked it better”

I used to like it better. It was easier to overtake, easier to move in a duel. The heavier cars are slower, he says.

The heavier weight today is particularly noticeable when braking. The brakes are still at the limit, as there has been little progress in recent years. In the case of carbon fibre, industry is increasingly coming to its limits,”says Hamilton.”It is However, we had good experiences with the heavier car last year and should therefore manage.”