Hamilton: City courses are the formula-1 future

In what direction will formula 1 develop among the new owners of Liberty Media? If it’s Lewis Hamilton, the sport has to get more urban. I think that city courses are the future,”says the British. I hope Liberty will introduce more city courses. New York, for example, would be great.”Especially since there is currently only one Grand Prix in the US with Austin:”This is such a big country.”

The three-time World Champion criticizes that for years lines have been built away from the major metropolises and this has not helped the popularity of formula 1.” I’m not necessarily a big fan of many new courses that hit the calendar,”the Brit explains. Many of them are so far outside the cities. The people have to travel this far.”

For example, he cites the Shanghai International Circuit, which was built in a swamp area an hour by car from the heart of Shanghai, and for the first time, 2004 hosted a Grand Prix. It is such a great city with so many people, and the route is also great, but I don’t know why it was built so far outside,”says Hamilton.

Hamilton: formula 1 must come to people

For the 31-year-old who regularly communicates with his fans via Twitter, the lack of accessibility is a disadvantage of his sport anyway.” If you want to feel like Lionel Messi, then you go down to the store, buy a ball and go to the football field or play on a team,”he gives an example. With what I’m doing, it’s just impossible. People don’t even have an idea of it.”

According to Hamilton, because of the great distances, few people can afford to visit more than one race a year:”So you have to wait a whole year to do this experience again. It’s like a concert. One looks forward to it, then the enthusiasm stops for a while, but then one forgets it again.”

Concentration on”true fans”

Therefore the Mercedes pilot advocates to hold more races in places where there is a fan enthusiasm:”We have a few races in places where there are simply no fans. Why the hell is that the case? We could do another race in the USA, after all, the fans make it.”

The Grand Prix of Great Britain, which is held regularly in front of crowds in spite of falling numbers of visitors in Europe, is”because of the fans one of the best races”, says the local town hall, which is praised by the masses every year in the “Home of British Motor Racing.” So we have to go to places where there are real fans.”