Hamilton again with technical bad luck

No luck at first and then bad luck: Lewis Hamilton suffered damage to the drive unit, as in the Great Prize of China.

The first assumptions strongly point in the direction that it was the same problem as in Shanghai. As if that were not annoying enough, the three-time World Champion is also threatened with trouble in the race direction, because he left the line in Q1 in turn two/three and did not return to the line via the scheduled route.

It was the same mistake as last time,”Hamilton writes to”Sky”for the record. Visually operated he explains how it came to his problem: “I didn’t know anything about a problem before. I went out again at the end of Q2 to tune in and lost power there just as much as in China.”Hamilton returned to the box and had to get out before the start of Q3, while the mechanics had already dismantled the Mercedes.

Motorsport Chief Toto Wolff confirms afterwards, that the same problem with the MGU-H occurred as in Shanghai: “It is incredible. We have never had the same problem before, the Austrian wonders about “RTL”. In fact, after the event in China, everything had been exchanged, but now you will have to go again to cause research.

So perhaps the next start from the very back is threatening the World Champion, because you have to change the unit? Not necessarily, as Wolff says: “We will try to avoid punishment. I think we can do that. We must now analyse with the FIA what can and can be done,”he says to’Sky’.” We need to figure out what we think we can do to stop the race tomorrow. We’re analyzing that now. We have to knock on wood that we will not get the problem on Nico’s side either.”

Rosberg safely to the pole

Because on the other side of the garage there was once again cheer after the qualification. Nico Rosberg once again took the pole position safely and thus stands before his seventh consecutive victory tomorrow. The Wiesbaden was unbeatable in Sochi today, also because the great competition for teammate Hamilton and also Sebastian Vettel were not a danger due to his punishment.

“Today has gone well for me,” he then radiates. “Today has gone well for me.” I’m particularly pleased because it felt really strong outside. The balance was perfect, and I really felt comfortable and could really attack.”In the end, more than seven tens of seconds were ahead of the clock, so that the German can actually start the race tomorrow with confidence.

“We expected a little this weekend because we saw it already on Friday”, Rosberg will not be surprised.” It looks like she (Ferrari; Amen. d. Don’t get too close. In recent weeks, we have always said that they are close; perhaps we should stop now, because we have increased the lead this weekend. But these are special circumstances, because such asphalt does not exist on any other route.”

How much competition does the World Championship leader have?

The odds of a Rosberg victory on Sunday should not be an invitation for gamblers, because you should not be able to win a lot of money. Russia has not yet been known for its chaotic races, and with a anticipated entry strategy, there is little room for competition to overtake Mercedes. And Rosberg is already almost in safe waters: “My direct opponents with Sebastian and Lewis were really unlucky this weekend, which makes it easier for me tomorrow,” he says.

But a little caution is also required. There are still some stumbling blocks on the way to the fourth victory in the fourth season race. The start is such a story where the silver arrows have not been particularly shiny so far, and Valtteri Bottas (Williams), who will start in second place, has already taken a Mercedes on the horns in Bahrain at the start.” The competition is still there,”Rosberg is warned. Lewis and Sebastian will also be able to get back up from the positions. That is why I stay focused and try to get everything out.”

And then there would be the question of technology. A defect such as Hamilton’s now more frequent reach could also hit the electoral Monegasse, and then the victory in Sochi would be over. But this is what Mercedes wants to prevent, because he is convinced: “From the pure speed of the car it is our best weekend”, Wolff says. But you can’t write it down: you’re racing against each other and anything can happen there.”

Wolff: Hamilton will beat back

But it could be even more exciting with Lewis Hamilton by tomorrow. The Brit must now enter the race from the tenth starting position, unless he receives a later punishment for his crime in Q1. There Hamilton thought briefly after the criminal to go around the poller, but saw that he was at a bad angle and returned to the track, without taking the legal route. He has to compete with the sports commissioners for this.

“The Stewards will analyze this,” Toto Wolff does not want to comment on it. There was a procedure that you have to go to the left of the poller. You look at exactly what happened. This is a very special situation, but he has to analyze it with the Stewards.”It’s the next piece of the puzzle in the hard start of the season of the man with the 44, but his motor sports boss is convinced that that he will not be defeated.

“He was great this season and took all the deep strokes with a great spirit. It’s going to be difficult for him, but I have no doubt that he’ll get out of there,”says Wolff.”It’s going to be difficult for him. At the moment, however, he has every right to be angry.”But Hamilton has often proven that he can turn trouble into extra energy. And one thing he never loses is the spirit of battle. I never give up!” announces the British for the race.

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