Hamann attack: FC Bayern “lacks pace”, BVB “too safe”

After the German Total-K.o. in the Champions League Didi Hamann has declared a “certain self-satisfaction” in German professional football. The FC Bavaria and Borussia Dortmund are not getting along well in their round-up. At home they had to offer solutions with ball, so their difficulties became clear. Hamann told the kicker that they lack speed in all the teams.

The record champion should invest heavily in the summer: “If they lose boats and hummels in addition to ribbons and seals, their biggest task will be to replace these former potters. These players have survived what it means to be a professional with the German record master.”

Niko Kovac took over at FC Bavaria”one too old cadre”

Coach Niko Kovac is protected by Hamann:”Kovac found a way to beat FC Bavaria in Cup Final 2018 with Eintracht Frankfurt, so you can’t blame him for I have no idea. I like that he says that success ultimately depends on the quality of the players. That’s the way. Kovac also took over an old cadre. The Aus der Bavaria has more to do with the quality of the team than with the coach.”

To bet more efficiently in the offensive, Kovac lacks the right players, the TV expert believes:”Ribery and seals are in late autumn, Gnabry has developed sensationally. Coman, the main attacker, is hurt a lot.”Lewandowski had difficulty”if the Bavarians only appear in the penalty room five times in 180 minutes”. Thiago is “brilliant, hardly makes goals. James remains more than guilty of the evidence of the upper class. 42 million Euro Replacements I would not pay for it.”

Hamann said,”they have failed to get players in key positions to carry the FCB forward in the coming years”. A Leroy Sane would have changed from Schalke “at least to Munich. The Bavarians will know why it didn’t work. Liverpool’s Mane played in Salzburg; he would certainly rather go to Munich than Southampton; Salah stormed Basel. There the Bundesliga must recognize the respective potential.”

Hamann via the BVB:”In self-love it must not run out”

While Hamann criticizes the framework policy at FC Bavaria, At the BVB he sees above all an exaggerated self-confidence as the reason for the current form crisis: “A touch of arrogance always made great teams look like; but in self-love it must not degenerate. I think the Borussians were too sure. They should have curbed their self-confidence.”

BVB coach Lucien Favre also had to prove himself:”He lacks the big titles, so the question marks are justified and present. However, he has not yet trained a top team like Dortmund. Favre enjoys an excellent reputation; but it is something different to become with an average team of third parties than with the second best first.”

Dortmund, Hamann says,”spends money, see Witsel or Diallo. Akanji and Zagadou are very interesting, but an experienced man in the late 20s would be helpful for them in the defense. The young players would mature there faster.”

The situation at the top clubs confirms from Hamann’s point of view the German negative trend since the World Championship 2018:”Parallels between DFB and clubs are always difficult to create, but the basic mood is the same everywhere and is confirmed by actions like the one with the three most highly earned world champions Boateng, Hummels and Muller are even more burdensome.”

German football does not have a coach problem, but Hamann recommends less laptop, more humanity:”Real football does not take place on the Xbox or chess board. The player is the most important thing. There is too much talk about four, five, six chains, the players become chess figures. This exaggerated science of football is driving me crazy. The player is a hundred times more important than any system.”