Haas team before F1 exit? That’s what Romain Grosjean says

I’m not saying that we won’t be back,”said team owner Gene Haas last, thereby avoiding a clear commitment to formula 1. The American stressed that he is carefully considering the stay of his racing stable and he wants to wait for the first time”how the season starts”this year, Before he makes a decision.

His Formula One driver Romain Grosjean takes note of this as well and says in “Canal+”: “At least he makes it clear. There is nothing worse than someone who says:’No, no, we are staying in formula 1, everything is fine.’Only then, out of the blue, can we stop.”

Teameigner Haas has”clearly expressed himself,”says Grosjean. I fully understand what he said, and I even think it’s a good thing.”

Even with an American racing team, there would be hope for the employees:”If Gene really pulled the plug, then the team would either stay or be bought [in full]. After all, it is a good team with a successful business model in which people work efficiently,”says Grosjean.

On the other hand, Haas has already achieved what he wanted to achieve with his Formula One team, the Grand Prix driver continues. Gene has entered formula 1 to apply for Haas Automation. This has worked, now you know the brand.”

Because Haas is also a”real oil company”who”loves motor sports”, it hurts him if the team on the track does not succeed, as 2019 does. That is also why Haas wants to know at the beginning of the season 2020: In which direction does the racing stable develop?