Goretzka: BVB? They have to give us something.”

Leon Goretzka of FC Bavaria Munich talked about his personal relationship with top rider Borussia Dortmund.

“I am a child of the Ruhr region. Even in school there was a feeling of rivalry. Since the F-Youth it has been realized that the games for a Bochumer against Schalke or Dortmund were something special,”said the former VfL and S04 professional in the”kicker”and added:”This went on in Gelsenkirchen with the Derbys.”

The whole thing was a”process”:”The older you get and the more you understand what it is about, the more you understand what it is about It has become more rivalry for me as well,”Goretzka said.”This cannot be stopped.”

Therefore, it would not be easy for him to bear if Borussia were to take the title in the end.” The worst thing, however, would be “if we do not become champions”, the midfielder continued.

How the BVB ended up with six points in front of his club by now, Goretzka is a puzzle, except for the fact that the blacks won the game with 3:2. “They have to give us something. This, in turn, we have to find out and straighten out in the coming six months,”said the Bavarian professional, who quickly gained a foothold in his premiere year.

Goretzka counts as a”core”of FC Bavaria

After many start-up operations Goretzka counts as a regular staff. There are many players who have some problems with Bavaria in their first year. Because it’s a big change,”said the national football player.

“I think I’ve handled this quite well –with lots of starting touches and minutes, even though we’ve been spinning a lot at the beginning,”said the 23-year-old.”I think I’ve done quite well with many starting touches and minutes,”said the 23-year-old. After that, I was able to quickly count myself to the core that was set in place. I see this as a good achievement.”

Goretzka won the last 3:1 victory of Munich against Hoffenheim in the offensive center field as a double-torso guard. Already in the first season with the record master, the former Schalker gained a lot of confidence.

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“I never had a problem with my self-confidence. After all, I was already very early in the professional business and I got into a role with VfL Bochum that I did not necessarily need from my age and experience,”Goretzka said.”I’m not sure I need to do that.” But there is no question: to play in Bavaria, you need a broad breast.”