Gisdola’s home premiere becomes a Cologne character test

The sports location at 1. FC Cologne is becoming increasingly precarious. For the orientation home premiere of the new coach Markus Gisdol against FC Augsburg, manager Horst Heldt calls the entire club to the character test.

A broad grin and sparkling eyes –the professional of the first. FC Cologne offered itself a last unusual sight during the annual visit to the children’s hospital. With some frighteningly weak performances, players have rarely been able to put a smile on their own supporters’faces lately. At the home premiere of the new coach Markus Gisdol on Saturday (15:30 o’clock) against the direct opponent FC Augsburg, fans and the team are expected to close their shoulders.

“We need the total support of each individual,” said the new manager Horst Heldt emphatically: “Saturday there must be nothing but in to form a unit in our home. It’s all about the club.”Together with the fans, you can move mountains. At such moments the character of a traditional club is shown. We must now show together what this club is all about. Other teams must again be afraid to come here.”

Cologne so far only with a home victory

So far the Rhine countries spread little fear and terror with only one home victory, and the last four league games were all lost. However, neither Herod nor Gisdol want to know about an early endgame against the Augsburg people.” With a defeat you did not get off and you did not save with a victory,”said the new coach:”No matter how this game ends. In any case, our journey is very long when you look at our starting position.”

Herod added in the”kicker”:”We don’t have to convince ourselves that this is an end game. If it were one, nothing would happen after that.”But you know exactly that you don’t have time. We have to score fast, the coach will do anything. The team was in free fall, and if they found a ground, it is not yet clear.”

Augsburg comes as the opponent of the last years

For the mission class retention, Heldt also has to struggle with the old burdens of the Cologne descent 2018:”Actually, he also meets me, that this descent has not been completely worked out,”said the successor of Armin Veh:”There can be a feeling of powerlessness, a fear that it will repeat itself. This can paralyse and cause the threshold to surrender to fall.”

Augsburg is now also expected to be the main opponent of the past few years. Since nine games, the vultures have been waiting for a victory against the FCA, only the first meeting in the Bundesliga in the year 2011 could the Rhineland decide for themselves.” Augsburg is an unpleasant opponent who likes to be publicly underestimated,”Gisdol said:”They have a good spatial distribution and play very aggressively against the ball. There we have a real pound in front of us.”

The”Effzeh”must above all develop more gate risk against Coach Martin Schmidt’s team. With eleven goals from twelve games, the ascender represents the weakest attack of the league, only attacker Simon Terodde met more than once. I want this to change against Augsburg. Finally, once again, the Colonies want to put a big smile on their followers’faces.