German WM test with lots of light and little shade

With a strong final spur, the German Handball National Team filled their confidence six days before the home World Cup and gave the fans anticipation.

The team of German coach Christian Prokop won his test game on Friday against the Czech Republic with 32:24 (17:13), But for a long time offensiv e as well as defensive revealed weaknesses.

Before 9967 spectators in the sold-out Hannover arena, Captain Uwe Gensheimer was the best goalkeeper for the selection of the German Handball Federation (DHB) with ten hits. At EM-Sixth Czech Republic, Ondrej Zdrahala and Dieudonne Mubenzem (per 5) met most frequently.

“We are very positive, the game has also brought important findings. We fought our way out of weaknesses over and over again, which was very important,”said Prokop in the”ARD”, and Gensheimer said,”We went into the game with a lot of pleasure when we felt the atmosphere. We still had some voting problems, but we are working on the details. We have a lot of potential in the team.”

Until the opening game on January 10th in Berlin against a unified Korea team, a lot of work awaits Prokop and his players. The World Championship will take place on Sunday (14:00 clock) in Kiel in the test game against Argentina. Then Prokop will shorten his cadre from 18 to 16 players.

Heinevetter in the second pass stronger

The German team starts in their first country game of the new year highly motivated but also visibly nervous. Even Captain Uwe Gensheimer, who joined the team after the Christmas party of the Paris St. Germain Topclub, made some unusual mistakes at first. Two big chances left out by the world-class left-winger in the first six minutes.

Also goalkeeper Andreas Wolff, who also wants to give the Bundestrainer Prokop preference over Silvio Heinevetter at the World Championship, left the game at the beginning after some strong parades. Henceforth Heinevetter was given his probation, and the Berliner convinced especially in the second half. Although the defense acted aggressively, it also allowed too many seven meters and time sentences.

The Czechs, who fought without the now retired world handballer Filip Jicha, had by no means come as an opponent of construction and resisted well. By the end of the first half, however, the reconstruction game from the back room worked much better, The reward was an interim five-goal tour.

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Weakness phase after the half-time

After the change of sides the German team started as sleepy as at the beginning and let the opponent come again. With lightweight ball losses, playback errors and pitches, DHB players made life difficult for themselves. Accordingly, Federal trainer Prokop spoke energetically about the mistakes during his breaks. After that, the German game was much better.

While the German team was testing against the Czech Republic, Korea completed a public training course on Friday. In doing so, players and trainers from North and South Korea stressed that they were also on a peace mission at the World Cup in the former divided Germany.” With the fall of the wall, the path of peace has been taken. That is why, as a joint team, we want to show that we can also go down this road as Koreans,”said Chief Trainer Cho Young Shin.

“At the first meeting we made some progress,”said Captain Jung Su Young. His North Korean teammate Ri Song Jin, however, told of an acquaintance’s evening, “since then we have been in friendship.”

Germany – Czech 32:24 (17:13)
Gensheimer (10), Pekeler (3), Fence (3), Kohlbauer (3), Weinhold (2), Strobel (2), Musche (2), Wiede (1), Lemke (1), Drux (1), Bohemia (1), Semper (1), Wiencek (1), Groetzki (1) for Germany – Mubenzem (5), Hrstka (4), Zdrahala (4) best pitcher for the Czech Republic
spectator: 9967

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