Fuller denies the change from Daum-son to FC Bavaria

Bayer Leverkusen does not want to let the son of former coach Christoph Daum go to FC Bavaria. The Munich people wanted to bring Marcel Daum as a video analyst into the staff of trainer Niko Kovac.

But Bayer Managing Director Rudi Volker said the “picture”: “Marcel stays with us. He has another year’s contract, we want to work with him in the long term.”

The 32-year-old thumb has been chief video analyst at the factory self since the previous year. He had previously worked with Kovac at Eintracht Frankfurt.

Father Christoph, once a coach himself at Bayer, had confirmed to the TV station “Sport1” a request from the Bavarians.

Kovac is also trying to optimize something on every position after winning the doubles, and I can understand his request very well, said the 65-year-old who had worked with his son during his time as Romanian national trainer.