Former Formula One pilot surprised with Vettel forecast

Only five points from four races for Aston Martin, Sebastian Vettel still without top-10-place this year: The Formula-1-start 2021 had a completely different vision for the team and riders. But Marc Surer believes that the trend will change.

In the Sport1 podcast, the former Grand Prix racing driver explains why he starts from an upward curve at Aston Martin: “The future looks somewhat rosy. There’s enough money, they hired people. The level in this team will eventually rise.”

When exactly better results can be expected, Surer does not know. Sooner or later, he says, Aston Martin will emerge from the current “depths.” It was not to be expected that they would fall so deeply.”

Was the shape curve foreseeable?

The latter probably also surprised Vettel. But Surer does not blame the four-time Formula One World Champion: “If you look at the last year, he has certainly done everything right.”

“The problem is, if you look at the history of the team, then they have always built only mediocre cars. The team was called Force India, then Racing Point and now Aston Martin. Last year, they suddenly had a top-of-the-line car that came from speed. Of course, he thought, “Okay, I’ll jump on it now!” p>

However, Racing Point RP20 was a “one hundred percent Mercedes copy” in the 2020’s season, Surer continued. I can’t do that this year. They have to develop themselves and have improved the car,”he says.

But Vettel could not have expected the same in his personal planning for 2021. On the contrary, Surer says: “The collaboration with Mercedes is actually strengthened through Aston Martin, because Mercedes has shares in Aston Martin. Then he probably thought nothing could go wrong. because Mercedes is somehow in on it.”

When does the pre-term period for Vettel & Co.

The fact is, however, that the current Aston Martin team is very far away from the 202020s and is more likely to fit into the force relationship in the back half of the formula-1 field. And Vettel himself seems to have great difficulties with the AMR21, by the way, like most other drivers who came to a new team in winter.

But when does the “already-term” that can be granted to the changeling end? Surer: “I said at the beginning of the season that it has to work after three to four races.”

“At Ricciardo it has worked now [in Barcelona] that it has really come into swing for the first time. But Perez is still struggling, and at least Sainz is unable to keep up with his teammate in the race. Everyone’s having a hard time. These are the missing test runs.”

Was the change to Aston Martin a mistake?

Modern Formula One cars are”so complicated”, explains Surer.”I’m sorry. You have to tune the car, you have to watch the tire wear, you have to adapt your driving style to it.”

In addition, a team change comes with a completely new environment, with other reference persons and processes. It obviously takes a lot longer than I thought,”says Surer.

But Vettel made no mistake about changing to Aston Martin, says Surer further:”If he really opens a door in a top team, if he now puts off a year, I doubt that now. He has taken the best opportunity he has offered.”What will become of this must be shown by time.