Former federal league pro is counting on football business

Former pro Jan Rosenthal settled down six months after his career with professional football and denounced hypocrisy in the Bundesliga.

“I have been increasingly annoyed by many things: egoism in the business –in many clubs it is primarily about power, status and not about the thing itself, that is, which serves the team’s success. And this at all levels,”said the 32-year-old in an interview with the football portal”Sportbuzzer”.

The former player of Hannover 96, Eintracht Frankfurt, SC Freiburg and Darmstadt 98 also believes he knows the reason for these conditions:”It also plays into the extreme speed of the business, which results from the short public evaluation period and the partial capitulation of the associations, to meet that. How is there to be a proper development?”

Rosenthal takes a very critical view of the Bundesliga business at some distance: “Even the TV interviews are almost all the same, which reflects the whole appearance of the industry well. Lots of facade, mostly little content. Of course, one can never generalize, but in many places one’s own world is completely superseded.”

He does not take it out himself:”I am equally involved. Not least on all the political issues today, I can see in retrospect how I have just given in to ridicule. You think you’d be as important –this impression is also conveyed to you permanently from the outside, but in fact it’s bullshit.”

Bundesliga associations censor even social media posts

Also the representation of clubs and professionals in the social networks can’t win Rosenthal anything:”It’s not that I am no longer interested in the results of their associations. But if your Instagram Timeline is only played by your football colleagues, it quickly becomes boring: a picture before the game,’We’ll arrive, we’ll warm up soon’, then another photo after the game with a non-telling conclusion like’Heads up, next game, three points’. This offers me nothing because most of what might be interesting in statements does not come out at all, but is smoothly ironed or deliberately omitted by the associations, because it could harm the club or yourself in some way.”

In this case, too, he does not hold back with self-criticism:”I also posted something like this at the time or gave flat-screen TV interviews. But I have increasingly checked how dull that actually is.”

As a professional one can’t help it:”Often you can’t be creative at all. Because if you post exciting or supposedly extravagant things from your personal life, it will quickly be ripped out of your ears, because it attracts certain cliches and is then projected onto your performance, especially if it doesn’t work out like that in the club.”