Fire criticizes stress in top-level handball

The long-time German coach Heiner Brand does not believe in an end to the high physical strain in international top-level handball before the start of the European Championship.

“We have these problems before every major tournament,” said the 67-year-old in an interview with the “Sportbuzzer”: “It is always complained, But it doesn’t change anything. It is illusory to believe that the burden will be reduced.”

Only a reduction in the number of games can remedy it, but everyone”pursues their own interests. The associations, the Bundesliga and the players themselves. They don’t want to make less money if so many games don’t take place.”

A problem sees fire in the ever-growing Champions League. There “games take place alone in group phase 14. He said, “This would relieve the schedule, but it would also bring less revenue for the top clubs.”

At the EM in Austria, Sweden and Norway, Brand trusts the German team to be able to win the championship. in spite of many injunctions to achieve the goals set. The team of German trainer Christian Prokop will “play a positive role.

I do not see it as skeptical. There are some failures, but we are now very broad and the gaps can be filled very well,”said Brand:”The chances of moving into the semi-finals are good.”Germany starts on January 9th in Trondheim against the Netherlands in the tournament.

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