Ferrari team leader defends Monza strategy

After the fiasco at the Ferrari home game in Monza, the Italian Formula One soul cooks. The criticism is not only Sebastian Vettel, but above all the command of the Scuderia gets rid of his fat. To all credit, reports about the future of Kimi Reiki are clouding the already grey atmosphere.

Ferrari has simply thrown away a victory. From the first row to defeat: Maranello pays a high price for his strategy”, padded”La Rebubblica”,”Maranello does everything wrong”, thundered”La Gazzetta dello Sport”.

The triumph of Vettel’s title rival Lewis Hamilton in the local Monza, to which the missed opportunity, For the first time since 2010 to win again “a casa”, the spikes are deep in the meat of the “Cavallino Rampante”

The general reckoning with the team from Maranello does not come from approximately. Already in qualifying the chess of the Reds, not the hot WM-Iron Vettel, but to send “Iceman” rockets as the last Ferrari pilots on the track.

Although Vettel himself did not get a perfect round. Behind his stable colleague, however, he might have benefited from his shadows of wind and still managed to make the jump to the poles. So Vettel had to roll away from the unfavourable 2nd place on Sunday and got –that is to say, in all the criticism of his collision with Hamilton in his defense – early between the fronts.

Ferrari unexpectedly discovers free driving

That Ferrari, especially in Monza, does not discover everything on Vettel sat, amazed by the view of the World Cup stand. While Mercedes Bottas had long since degraded to the “Wingman” of Superstar Hamilton and deployed tactically clever in Monza as a “brake pad” against rack queens, Ferrari himself, formerly notorious for Stallords, suddenly appeared to be the sporting fair (!) “We employ pilots, not butlers,” Ferrari team leader Maurizio Arrivabene defended the lack of order: “And even if you want to give an order, you risk it, The driving immediately after the start was also something completely different from the later Mercedes tactics in orderly racing.

Whatever. Racing kings, often loyal enough teammates, were no help to Vettel in Monza. Which maybe for good reason. It seems that Ferrari will cancel his last World Champion (2007) and replace 2019 with Clean Rookie Charles Leclerc.

According to media reports, it was even the wish of Ferrari boss John Elkann that he would win the Royals in Monza and then declare his resignation. some Signori in and around Maranello would have to grab their nose even more strongly than Sebastian Vettel.