Ferrari has to build on racing track again

Usual image at Ferrari: Sebastian Vettel, second in qualifying for the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, once again played the role of the Mercedes (functional) Mercedes on Saturday.

Kimi Riding Kings could not follow the pace of the German and tortured himself with the Pirelli tyres – at the end only four ranks behind Williams-Pilot Bottas. In the starting position, however, the picture turns around when Vettel has to go back five places due to gearshift.

Nevertheless, the Heppenheimer is satisfied with his cutting, but monitors the 0706-second delay on the Rosberg class bonus: Of course, I would have been happy if the distance had been smaller. But I have already noticed in the second section that Nico is strong and sets the rounds as on call,”says Vettel regarding the qualifying.

Ferrari set three in the qualifying section to set a time only out of time necessity without additional warm-up rounds. In the second experiment, the tyres were then given a further cycle to get to the temperature. I ended up with a Wackler, but I only lost a tenth of a second. It would not have been enough otherwise,”says Vettel.

Riding kits: driving errors and old problems with the front axle

Riding kits could have been built up even more backwards: 1246 seconds were missing on the Mercedes spearhead. The second place would have been in it,”the Finnish hums. But it’s not that disappointing.”The reason he left time in Q3 was a driving error when the finish line was already in sight:”I got out too far in the last curve. I always had trouble getting my rounds together at the weekend –in qualifying it actually went better.”

The fact that he is dissatisfied with his round after his own acquaintance also has to do with the Pirelli tires. And a well-known problem: the rubber on the front axle does not get at temperature and suffers from the fact that the mixtures selected for Sochi are probably too hard.” It’s difficult,”he moans,”though simpler than last year. I’m not a fan if the front tires don’t work. On some routes it does not work, on others it does not work.”

Drive Update brings little advantage

Vettel starts the race due to his penalty from starting place seven and stands next to Red Bull pilot Daniil Kvyat, with whom he had supplied himself a parachute after a starting incident in China. But the former champion looks forward: “The car feels good, we can be satisfied with the balance. We’re armed. Last Saturday we were always further back than on Sundays. Tomorrow there will be no seven tenths of customers,”he points to Rosberg, but relativizes:”It will still be a difficult race. We also do not want to win because we are lucky, but because we are the fastest.”

“RTL”expert Timo Glock makes Vettel little hope when it comes to hunting Rosberg:”I see Mercedes very clearly ahead. They clearly have this in hand,”explains the DTM pilot. This will not be changed by an engine update at Ferrari with improvements to the combustion chamber.” We haven’t changed anything great. Everything is working as expected. Of course people are very interested, but we have new parts all the time, that is quite normal,”says the councillor the little thing. Vettel finds: “Do what it’s supposed to do.” First of all, it could make SF16-H more reliable.

This would be an important step on the way to the candidate for Grand Prix victories: “It’s still April, the May starts tomorrow. We want to attack the top, but it’s a little early for that,”argues Vettel. Reliability is not where it should be, but that is not worrying. We never had the same problem twice.”Engineer Jock Clear is also not worried:”The cars are complicated, and others are just like it.”

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