Fernando Alonso should drink Indy-winning milk

Finally, the cat is out of the bag: Fernando Alonso is expected to make 2019 a second start to a triumph at the legendary 500-mile classic in Indianapolis to realize his dream of the Triple Crown”- Monaco and the 24-hour Le Mans he has already won.

Already 2017 Alonso has been in the lead for so long, Before he suffered a Honda engine damage – 2019 should be put much more emphasis on the preparation.

“We owe it to Fernando and ourselves to take every chance to be competitive and win the race,” promises McLaren boss Zak Brown. “We owe it to Fernando and to ourselves to take every chance to be competitive and win the race.” The equipment, the tests, the staff, everything will be of the highest quality to enable Fernando to drink the winning milk.”

Apart from being a McLaren team with support from the USA, the details are still covered. Neither the US partner, although everything indicates that Andretti will be involved again, nor the engine supplier has been announced.” At the moment we will not disclose any further details except that it is a McLaren team that is completely separate from the Formula One team.”

Despite only four races only two or three free weekends

The Bagged Formula One team will not suffer from this:”We are a large team with many resources. If it was a compromise, we wouldn’t have done it.”On the paper, Formula One-Exit Alonso 2019 faces a relatively lame program: Besides the Indy 500, only three more WEC races are in”an extreme contrast to the 21-Grand Prix in the year 2018.

But the 37-year-old indicates that he will still be fully committed.” All the test days and also the official tests in Indianapolis have not yet been confirmed, but we want to compete there like all the other teams so that we are better prepared in May, especially since then also the training and the work in the simulator will be added.”Finally, he could prepare himself perfectly, After having to cope with his Indy premiere in the year 2017 as a side job.

Alonso indicates start with Chevrolet engine

Boring it will certainly not be: “Apart from the three WEC races there are four tests for this. That’s seven weekends till June. Then comes the IndyCar tests and the two weeks Indy 500. If you look at the calendar by June then I only have two or three free weekends, even if it looks like I won’t be competing many races.”

Apart from that, 2019 will”drive a lot more races, but I will let you know step by step. Since Alonso is competing for Toyota at the WEC, it is considered highly unlikely that the McLaren team will be equipped with a Honda engine. In addition, the Spanish and British troops have not done the Japanese any good service with public criticism in recent years, and this is not forgotten with Tokyo so quickly.

Honda there is only one alternative: Chevrolet. Is he concerned that the Honda engine is considered a reference in the IndyCar series?” No, they won last time,”he plays on Will Power’s victory at this year’s issue. Even though Alonso was not at the start this time, his enthusiasm for the classic has not let him go since his premiere in the year 2017.

Why the Indy 500 Alonso is so enthusiastic

“There is nothing like it in motor sports,” he says. This year, after the race in Monaco, I immediately turned on my computer and looked at the entire Indy 500. I can no longer expect to be able to compete again.”What is the special attraction? The whole event,”replies Alonso.

“The race itself is completely unpredictable until 20 laps before the end. In the first 180 rounds, it’s all about getting into a good position for the end.”In addition, he’s fascinated by”the details of the car that you have to refine, the enormous speeds and the 300.000 spectators that are present on race day.”