Felix Passlack leaves his future at BVB open

After his loan to Norwich City, Felix Passlack will be standing from 1st. Back in July at Borussia Dortmund under contract. But whether or not the foreign defender will stay with the BVB is uncertain.

“The current state is that I have not yet finalized whether or not I want to be surrendered again,” the 21-year-old explained to spox: “Of course, this is also related to this, what the BVB is planning with me – and that is still a bit in the air.”

2012 changed Passpaint to Borussia Dortmund, where he finally gave 2016 his Bundesliga debut. A year later, the young people were given hope after Hoffenheim. But after a season with few bets, the parties cut off the lease prematurely.

Passlacquer subsequently landed at Norwich City. But even with the Premier League ascendant, the BVB loan was barely available last season. However, a new lease cancellation was not open for Passlack: “I wanted to go through the chapter and not give up.”

Escape from BVB competition? Due to the low playing practice, Passlack could not be recommended for higher tasks at Borussia Dortmund during his time on the island. In addition, there is great competition on the legal defense position with Lukasz Piszczek, Achraf Hakimi, Marius Wolf and Jeremy Toljan.

Passlack has a plan B ready: “There are ongoing talks with a few associations and it may be that something will happen in time. But if that’s not the case, I’ll hit three. The Passlacks contract with Borussia Dortmund is still up to 2021.