Fat-disgust: DTM-Champ calls for tougher punishment

Sebastian Vettel’s rampage against Lewis Hamilton has caused great excitement in the motor sports world. Not only is the topic discussed in Formula One, but also the pilots from other series did not miss the event in the Baku race without a trace.

Among other things, the incumbent DTM champion Marco Wittmann also commented on the crash of the two. Lewis Hamilton is the leader and can determine the pace,”recalls the BMW pilot.

“The FIA has also shown with the data that he did not take a brake test. That’s why Sebastian’s guilt is pretty clear, even though I appreciate him as a driver. He won a lot, but the fuse went a little off,”says the two-time DTM master and adds:”My personal assessment is also t hat the punishment for Sebastian was a little too lenient.”

For the”Autoscooter Rammstone”, as he calls the incident itself, Wittmann would not have imposed “not necessarily a roadblock”. But it’s clear to him, “The ten-second stop-and-go is too mild. One can discuss whether to pronounce a disqualification…”Especially the fact that Vettel ended up before Hamilton did, Wittmann does not find it quite fair.

Rest: Vettel”not a good example”

A”very difficult situation”it is for Rene Rast. Sebastian felt himself stepped on the tie there,”explains the current top rider of the DTM and adds:”Every racer would have been a bit upset. He could understand Vettel’s reaction after the first contact with Hamilton, therefore “a little bit”. Nevertheless, Rast makes it clear: “Of course this should not have happened.”

It was “not a nice move” and Vettel had been “not a good example” in the corresponding situation. However, “This simply shows that both of them are desperate to win this world championship”, Rast still gains something positive. The Audi pilot is not sure about the penalty. But he also tends to think that a longer sentence would have been “perhaps more appropriate.”

For the “right decision” the sentence with Edoardo Mortara holds a Mercedes pilot. In the end, it has made the race more exciting for the spectators,”said last year’s DTM vice-champion with a smile. Vettel may, however, be in further trouble. The FIA has already announced its intention to re-examine the incident in Baku.