F1 Unforgettable: Cheeky King Watson celebrates birthday

The engines are silent, formula 1 stands still due to the Corona pandemic. To shorten the waiting time for the start of the new season, presents in collaboration with RTL a daily highlight series.

For this we have climbed deep into the video archives. Every day we show a milestone of 70-year formula-1 history in the video

Packaging pictures, legendary duels, sad, Funny or triumphant moments –that is F1 Unforgettable”

Today: 04. May 1946 -“Girls’Handsome”Watson celebrates birthday

John Watson started at 152 Formula-1 races and won five overall victories. As a third-time World Championship Champion, he was particularly furious in the 1982’s.

His unparalleled championship performance to this day, however, the Nordic placed 1983 in Long Beach. During the race in the USA, the birthday boy managed the biggest catch-up in the history of the royal class.

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