F1 TV with wrong start: Subscribers get money back

After the failure of the new F1 TV, subscribers to the chargeable live streaming service of the Motorsport Royal Class will receive their money back in part.

This was communicated by the makers of the platform on Sunday to all subscribers to the premium offer F1 TV”Pro. Repayment of the amount for two weeks subscriptions is automatic.

Subscribers complained repeatedly at the premiere of the Spanish Grand Prix about errors and problems in loading. Thus the tracking of live transmissions was only possible to a limited extent.

“We see this as in motor sports: in one race you have engine damage, but in the next you can try again and even win”, Formula-1 press chief Luca Colajanni said to “Auto Image Motorsport”.

This continues the series of F1 TV failures after the service went online only at the fifth Grand Prix weekend of the season 2018 due to technical difficulties. To start F1 TV Pro at the start of the season in Melbourne at the end of March.

Exclusive settings with F1 TV Pro

The F1 TV Pro option gives fans the opportunity Track all races from different perspectives as well as other exclusive settings.

The cheaper option F1 TV Access contains only a commented audio track as well as various live data and summaries of the individual sessions. The comments are taken over by the broadcasters, i.e. in Germany by RTL.

The costs of F1 TV Pro are in Germany at 7.99 Euro at monthly payment and booking (no subscription) or regular 64,99 Euro in the yearly subscription.