F1 Legend: That’s why McLaren and Williams have no success

It was a long time ago that McLaren and Williams wrote sports headlines. Since 2012, neither of the two traditional teams from the UK has won a Formula One race, and the former industry sizes are now even among the backbenchers. But what is the cause of this huge crash? Former Grand Prix pilot Martin Brundle says: A trend in the modern formula 1.

At the Autosport International Show in Birmingham, Brundle said: The problem of Williams and partly also of McLaren is that they move beyond what is currently called in formula 1. Because either today you are a workshop team or a B-team that [technically from another racing stadium, Anm. d. Red.] profited. But Williams and McLaren are somehow in the middle,”explains Brundle. They are neither one nor the other.”

Only time can show whether this business model is compatible with today’s reality, says the 158-time Grand Prix participant. He considers the starting position of McLaren and Williams “difficult” because teams like Haas would pursue a completely different philosophy.

Haas for example works closely with Ferrari and Dallara, get support from several sides. In recent seasons, the U.S. racing agency has been accused of using only a Ferrari customer car, which is not currently allowed.

What is the formula-1 format of the future?

The traditionalists at McLaren and Williams could insist on formulating the rules more clearly, To put an end to this drive and at least to eliminate this competition.

But Brundle wavers: “We only have 20 cars in the field.” Say: If teams like Haas are eliminated, the number of participants falls in formula 1 because there are no potential newcomers. As Brundle explains, “There must simply be room for everyone.”

The big question, however, is how long it will remain that way. Brundle has the suspicion, that the Formula One owners are also not fans of the current situation.

He means: “I can well imagine how Ross Brawn thinks every day about what the future of Formula 1 might look like best.” Whether it needs a clear dividing line between designers and customer teams, whether or not whole customer cars will be allowed and the like more.

Worst season in Williams history

For McLaren and Williams this discussion does not matter at the moment. In Formula One season 2019, both races are struggling not to slip any further. After all, McLaren has strengthened himself with the previous Porsche LMP1 team leader Andreas Seidl, whom Brundle regards as a “useful” new access for the team.

“His resume speaks for itself.” McLaren with this staff gives the impression that he wants to bring structure to the chase. Brundle still says, “Let’s wait and see what comes out of this.”

McLaren has decided the formula-1-season 2018 with 62 points on position six of the designer’s value. Williams was only the tenth and thus the last place with seven points. At least for Williams, this was the worst cut in team history.

For McLaren, it is the biggest sports valley ride since the end of the 1970s. The success of the trend reversal of the British traditional sites 2019 is uncertain.