Expert talk: What is going on with Vettel?

The form of Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin continue to give up puzzles. At the Grand Prix of Spain it was only enough for the four-time World Champion to rank 13. Our Formula One experts around Florian King do not believe in a quick improvement in drivers and team.

Again no points. In the fourth World Cup, Sebastian Vettel left empty. Of course I’m not happy with the 13th place. I believe that where we have reached our destination is where we are at the moment,”he said after the race.

Vettel is clearly away from points

Hope for points is dwindling. According to our survey, the users of our Instagram page “Formula 1 at RTL” also do not expect Vettel to become a point collector soon. 77 percent do not believe in WM counters before the summer break in August.

Similarly, the RTL moderator Florian King sees it. I don’t think so, he said in the Instagram talk “Last Round.” The car is conceptually not ideal.”Mercedes is better equipped with the low-rake orientation, says the king.”The car is not ideal.” I don’t see the chance of it getting any better. He’s not close to the dots, he’s clearly gone. This is an Insta talk about the Spanish GP

A fat man we don’t otherwise know

RTL reporter Peter Reichert, who reported on the race for the station on the spot, experienced a defeated former world champion in Spain. “A fat man we don’t usually know

RTL reporter Peter Reichert If he has been observed in Barcelona, he has little in common at the moment with the Sebastian Vettel, whom we otherwise know. Once he does a spell, he laughs a lot. You can tell. The whole body language is not at 100 percent, but at 50.”

Even if one should not transfer”joyless interviews to the whole work ethic”, as King emphasized: The performances of Aston Martin definitely cause concern.

“The fact is that the updates, which should bring a lot, have brought nothing at all, they are completely puffed up in Nirvana, analyzed Reichert. They did not work for Lance Stroll either, who landed two more seats in front of Vettel.”That would be the”next thing”, which Vettel would have to worry about. According to Reichert.

Another reason that a quick improvement at Aston Martin will probably not work, RTL-F1 commentator Heiko water supplies: “The main problem is that there are completely new rules. Hardly a team from the middle field will still invest extremely much,”says water.”The team will not be able to They will of course bring smaller updates, but big leaps they will all cut themselves off, Everyone wants to bunk the coal and test days for next year.”

So no good prospects for Vettel and Aston Martin… RTL