Expansion: formula 1 breaks to new shores

Your new destination reaches formula 1 only in the 2020’s. Vietnam expands the map of the king class of motor sports and is intended to open up a flourishing market to the most exciting circular traffic in the world.

Barely two years after the long-term manager Bernie Ecclestone was able to open the new formula-1-owner Liberty Media announces its first new Grand Prix. However, the expansion course is not yet to be completed. The races would lead to their stress limits, the traditional races have long been in the struggle for oppression.

The balance between tradition and new markets

We want to keep the races with long history because they are important for the formula 1 and for the fans”, marketing manager Sean Bratches said after the announcement of the multi-year contract with the Hanoi City Course. But he does not consider all too many certainties to be conducive to business.” Nothing in this sport is unchangeable as far as the locations of the races are concerned,”Bratches said.”The race is not fixed.” After all, we are a business.”

And as such, we are about sales markets. Vietnam, for example, is also very interesting for Formula One sponsor Heineken. There the brewery sees potential for growth. Ecclestone recognized that, too. The shrewd businessman, regardless of losses, drained some organizers such as those estimated in Azerbaijan by at least 30 million euros a year.

Extortion competition is relentless

“It has no racing history at all. That’s why I didn’t want to have another Grand Prix in an area where we already have very good organizers,”Ecclestone said once with a view to Vietnam. However, it should not be forgotten that the now 88-year-old was before his replacement and Liberty Media did not want to leave a deal worth estimated 370 million euros over ten years as a gift of entry. Hockenheim will only remain in the race calendar for another year after difficult negotiations. Formula 1 significantly reduced the entry fees claimed for more than 21 million euro. The willingness of Mercedes as the title sponsor of the Grand Prix then provided the last necessary boost.

Expansion in the USA – 25 races a year?

The new Formula One owners are ready to go new ways. The race planned for 2020 in Miami is not to be opened according to the old model of an entry fee. Rather, billionaire U.S. entrepreneur Stephen Ross, among others owner of the Miami Dolphins American football team, does not want to take the risk alone at the Glitzer Grand Prix.

“We will not turn the model upside down,” said Chase Carey, Ecclestone’s successor as Formula One CEO.” But if the return justifies the risk, let us look at it.”

Already 2019 the F1 season ends only in December

The size of the race calendar is still on the test. Up to 25th Grand Prix in one season Carey can introduce himself. This would increase revenue, but it would also increase the burden on teams and their employees, such as mechanics or engineers, on the breathless world tour. For the first time since 1963, the season will end in December.

“For me, it feels as if we were at 25th races for a long time,” acknowledged World Champion Lewis Hamilton in Sao Paulo. A season would drag on more and more.” This means a very long commitment for all of us, and a long time to be separated from the family.”Hamilton’s conclusion, which had yet to cope with 17-stages at his formula-1-entry 2007 and this year 21:”Personally, I don’t think that’s a good thing.”