Endorsement based on a firm commitment of Trapp

Eintracht Frankfurt wants to keep Kevin Trapp, a national gatekeeper borrowed from Paris Saint-Germain, out of season.

According to “Image” information, Hesse will go to PSG in March or April, In order to start negotiations on a permanent commitment of traps.

The problem from Frankfurt’s point of view: Trapp earns around five million euros a year in Paris, so it would have to buy significant salary cuts for the effort. In addition, he is still tied to PSG until 2020, so a ransom would be due.

Trapp himself can imagine a stay at his loan club. The basic prerequisite for this, however, is participation in international business. At the moment, the one-night stand occupies the sixth table place, would be once again qualified for the Europa League.

Last, the one-night legend Charly Bodies spoke out for a Trapp transfer: “Holding him would be enormously important for further positive development of the team. That would definitely be a sixth in the lottery for one-way.”