Emotion explosion at “lively” Favre

Lucien Favre was really not feeling well. When Michael Zorc challenged the BVB pros to a real “men’s football” in front of the league ball at FC Bavaria with reference to the “horror balance”, the Dortmund football teacher seemed a little lost on the side of the sports director.

As a friend of the quiet tones, such shirtless appeals are rather foreign to him. Unlike Zorc, the Swiss chose more cautious words: “We respect the Bavarians for many reasons, but we are not afraid.”

The joint appearance of the coach and the sports director in front of the press showed a deep insight. In an emotional club like Borussia Dortmund, characterized by a “human prisoner” such as Jurgen Klopp, Favre sometimes seems helpless in the outdoor performance. At the beginning of his term of office in the season 2018/19 few were disturbed because the team succeeded in a dream start and the coach was celebrated everywhere as a better maker.

But after the hectic beginning of this season criticism arose. Favres then transfers emotionally and restrainingly to the team and takes away their fire. The fact that the 62-year-old was unfamiliar with the championship goal issued by the association in the summer fit the picture.

Watzke praises “very lively” Favre

The football teacher seems to have taken these accusations to heart. Although he still avoids loud statements, he appears more emotionally on the sidelines during the game. Thus the fourth officer despaired at the cheerful 3:2 about Inter Milan last Tuesday in an attempt to put the coach in his restraints.

Favre repeatedly stormed out of his coaching zone and tried to make himself heard in the noisy stadium with his players. This was very much to the liking of Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke: “He is very lively at the moment, very pretentious. I like that.”

Because the team has also been more lively and courageous since then, a connection to Favre’s active coaching seems obvious.” The coach will probably deny it. But he’s very lively and combative. He demands things from the players, which I think is very good,”commented Sports Director Zorc. Favre considers this interpretation to be exaggerated, but can live with it: “It’s good if he says that.”

Favre relies on careful error editing

To make it easier for all concerned, the criticism of the trainer’s work is silenced for the time being. After the success of the Cup over Munich (2:1), the championship over Wolfsburg (3:0) and the Champions League over Inter Milan (3:2), the team seems to have overcome the rush and the intermediate performance step.

According to Favre, however, this has been less so with its more lively appearances on the sidelines than more to do with a careful correction of the errors: “We have always remained positive. The indecisions we achieved were not the end of the world and not as bad as they were made.”

Similarly, Julian Brandt saw them. The national player used the favor of the hour to help Favre out of the long shadow of Jurgen Klopp.” Many people here want a coach who does more on the sidelines. But here are 80.000 spectators, you can’t hear him anyway,”he commented winking.