Emergency trip with accident: Short comeback buttons

After Jenson Button’s Auxiliary Drive to Monaco, McLaren’s regular driver Fernando Alonso should take a closer look at the return of the squad car.

I’m peeing in your seat,”the British Formula One veteran joked shortly before the start in a mockery with Alonso on the boxing radio. The Spaniard had been switched on from his trip to the 500-mile race in Indianapolis and asked Button: “Watch out for my car.”

Button only did this until the 61st lap. Then, shortly before the tunnel from behind, the World Champion of 2009 thrust into the clean of Pascal Wehrlein, who then thrust upwards on two wheels into the control panel. Wehrlein was able to climb out of the car after a few anxious minutes, apparently without any major injuries, and Button also had to stop his damaged bolts.

Even the permanent problems with the Honda engine had dulled Button’s driving fun on the streets of his constituency. Because parts of the drive unit were changed again, The replacement had to leave the box from the back of the box instead of starting point nine and was therefore unsuccessful on Monaco’s narrow streets from the beginning.

And so the button of the new departure from formula 1 did not really fall hard. For a real comeback, “I have no plans,” he said.