Eberl: “I’m a train driver and a prisoner”

20 years Max Eberl will no longer do the job as sports director, but the 45-year-old at Borussia Munich will not get out so fast either.

Eberl told the “German Press Agency” on his double anniversary: On the 19th. In October he is ten years in office as Sports Director in Munich, in January there are 20 years in various functions at the Traditional Club.” It’s been a long time. I’m a train driver and I’m stuck,”said Eberl.

The job is a dream job for Gladbacher, who also had no alternative to the football business.” I am not a sports director who handles passports, I like to work conceptually, strategically,”Eberl said. He tries to avoid stress.” My family has my back,”he said. However, his wife Simone has been waiting for more than fourteen years for the release of the promise to go on vacation once three or four weeks.” We have not done this to date.”

He does the job so well that even FC Bavaria Munich wanted to commit him. That’s where Eberl learned football ABC. But Borussia is a matter of his heart. He has formed an emotional bond with the club that is not destructive.