“Dortmund gets beat up by the Bavarian devil”

In a memorable game, FC Bavaria fought 5:0 against Borussia Dortmund and has the win of the championship back in his own hands. The newspapers praise Niko Kovac’s team in the highest tones. The international press votes on the top game of the Bundesliga.


Sun: “With his 200. Bundesliga-Tor humiliated Lewandowski’s former club and catapulted the FC Bavaria to the top of the table.”

BBC:“The incumbent Bavarian champion Munich beats the title rival Borussia Dortmund and pushes himself back to the top six game days before the end.”

Daily Mail: “Dortmund receives a suit beating. Bavaria Munich has defeated Borussia Dortmund with 5:0 and in a memorable night for Robert Lewandowski took first place in the Bundesliga.”

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Independent:“Robert Lewandowski provides a humiliation in the classic. With an absolute dominant performance the master won a potentially seasonal game. At the same time, it was a historic collapse of a team that plays brilliant football all year round. They have forgotten their basic abilities, which has led to degrading expulsion, “The Bavarians sweep over Dortmund and win back the table leading in the Bundesliga. The journeys of the Borussians to Munich in the last four games always ended in a landslide. The local roller always crushed them. A classic among the classics.”

Sport: “The Bavarian devil gives his little hand over the face of the Dortmund. Kovac’s team was a real steamroller. The players of Favre were helpless to the Bavarians.”

AS:“Bavaria misses Dortmund one blow. The Bavarians are reclaiming the throne of the Bundesliga. Kovac’s team overpowered Borussia Dortmund and dominated the opponent in almost all aspects of the game.”


L’quipe:“Bavaria Munich overpowers Borussia Dortmund. The Master cancels.”

Le Paris:“The players of Niko Kovac smothered the Dortmund with four goals in the first half. Six days before the end, the FC Bayern is the favourite in the title race.”

Le Figaro:“Bavaria crushes Dortmund and takes the lead. The Bavarians land a big coup.”

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France Football:“What a performance of Bavaria Munich! The Bavarians have defeated Borussia Dortmund with a strong collective effort. With regard to the defects of the black-yellow, it seems so.”


La Gazzetta dello Sport: “A real blow against morality. Probably a decision in the league. Niko Kovac’s team presented themselves hungrier than ever this season.”


Kicker:“Power Demonstration of the Bavarians: 5:0 against BVB and again table leader. FC Bavaria has not won the summit against Borussia Dortmund, Munich has transformed last week’s climate of excitement into a brutal demonstration of power and has broken the BVB with 5:0 according to all the rules of art.”

South German newspaper:“5:0 – Bavaria demonstrates its power. An exciting top game? Not really. FC Bavaria breaks up the BVB Hummels, Lewandowski, Martinez and Gnabry shoot the gates.”

Image: “The greatest victory for Kovac – Stand now! Kovac takes off for the title. FC Bayern screws the BVB with 5:0 completely apart and wins back the table leadership with the win.”