DHB women make a perfect reboot

German handballers have made a perfect start in qualifying for EM 2016 in Sweden.

The team of German trainer Jakob Vestergaard won in Reykjavik near Iceland with 22:17 (12:11), after four days earlier in Coburg had given a 29:18 (13:10) against Switzerland. “The team of German handballers won in Reykjavik near Iceland with 22:17 (12:11). I am very pleased with the victory, but our performance was not good enough. We’ve made too many mistakes, especially in the attack. There is still a lot of work ahead of us,”Vestergaard said after the guest game in Iceland.

Susann Muller was the most successful advertiser in the DHB team with seven hits, leading the table of the preliminary group 7 together with the also loss-free French. The first two teams qualify for EM 2016 as well as the best group journeys of the seven seasons. We can be glad that we are taking these two points with us. On the positive side, these two points could be the basis for the EM qualification,”said team manager Grit Jurack.

Practically with the success team from the start against Switzerland – only Kim Birke replaced the sick Franziska Muller – the German women got a start by measure. A 6:2 tour after only ten minutes initially indicated a relaxed evening. But far from it. Iceland, thanks to the superb goalkeeper Florentina Grecu-Stanciu and serious German weaknesses in attack and defense, resembled within eight minutes to 7:7.

In the following there was an open fight in which at first no team could make a decisive stand-off. Even a 17:12-lead (42) did not give the newly formed team of trainer Vestergaard the expected security. Only in the final phase did the Germans finally deserve the better ending for themselves thanks to Miller’s Gate and the rising goalkeeper Clara Woltering.” We have given ourselves many opportunities, made life difficult for ourselves, and in the second half that was much better,”said Woltering.

The repercussions against Switzerland and Iceland take place in June 2016. The third opponent of the Germans in the EM qualification is France. From a perspective Vestergaard wants to find his team for the Heim-WM 2017. In December, the Danish World Championship is also on the agenda, where the DHB selection can still qualify for the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

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