DHB ladies in the eighth finals against Norway

With the second round in 24-hour time, the German handballers have completed the group phase at the World Cup in Denmark as table three and must now prepare for the eighth finals against the incumbent Olympic champion and European champion Norway.

The Democratic Republic of Congo was not a test piece for the German team at the end of the preliminary round, which refuelled their self-confidence for the game on Sunday at the effortless 37:19 (18:11).

“We take a good feeling after this game, but Norway will of course become a completely different house number”, Federal trainer Jakob Vestergaard, whose team has so far increased from game to game after the start-up package against France in the further course of the World Cup.

After the 40:28 on Thursday against the completely desolate South Koreans, the representation of the DRC was also a welcome opponent on the following day. With a quick game, Germany ran over the completely overworked Africans, More than 20 goals resulted from the brilliantly initiated Tempo counter-attacks by goalkeeper Clara Woltering.

Now the over-team is waiting

The two left-handed Lone Fischer (8 goals) and Franziska Muller (5) benefited from the wide throws of their goalkeeper. Eight times left-handed Susann Muller met, of which three times per seven metre.

Now the team of last decade is waiting: Norway won 2008 in Beijing and 2012 in London Olympic gold, was 2011 World Champion as well as 2012 and 2014 European Champions. The Norwegian defence against the great goalkeeper Silje Solberg is considered to be the best in the world, no other team has perfected their counter-attack behaviour. The brilliant gamemaker Stine Oftedal is in her position worldwide to hardly stop left-hander Nora Darhk in her urge to reach the goal.

Confidence in Germany can therefore be very useful if the team makes a bus trip to the 260 km distant Frederikshavn on Saturday morning. Due to the proximity to the Norwegian border, the small coastal town is expected to have an atmosphere like an outdoor game.

The DHB team does not want to be taken out of the concept by Norway’s fans or the additional travel straps. We take it as it comes,”said Vestergaard, and Franziska Muller said,”We want to get as far as we can, and for that, of course, we like to go a bit.”

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