DFL licensing procedure starts late April

The German Football League (DFL) will become the 36 professional clubs as well as the aspiring candidates from the 3rd. League next Tuesday (23. April) inform about the first decision in the licensing process.

Subsequently, the associations have the possibility to object. The final decision on who gets the license for which league is to be made on the 16th. May fall.

Should the associations have to comply with conditions for the licensing, this must be until 29. Never happened. Independent of this are conditions that could only come to light during the coming season and do not directly jeopardise licensing.

“The procedure helps clubs to maintain the gaming operation for the upcoming season and also for the longer term,” said the responsible DFL director Werner Possibly on Tuesday in Frankfurt/Main.

The clubs must meet sporting, legal, financial, personnel and administrative, infrastructural, media technical criteria as well as game organization requirements, In order to be able to participate in the game operation 2019/20.

The third lists already had most of their documents on the first. must submit to the DFL in March. At that time, 14 clubs were hoping to ascend. The professional clubs had to keep their papers until the 15th. Submit in March. I got one. April expired the deadline for all clubs in the Bundesliga at risk of withdrawal, their plan figures for the 2nd. Send the league. The same was true for the possible ascenders to the Upper House.