Destiny? This speaks for and against Lucien Favre

On Saturday evening Lucien Favre meets Borussia Dortmund on his old love Borussia Monk-ngladbach (from 18:30 o’clock in the LIVE-Ticker). For the BVB trainer, however, it is more than just a happy reunion. After the last three indecisions in a row, the 61-year-old Swiss is under pressure.

The game against the table leader Gladbach will show the direction in which the season started with master sheep ambitions for the coach is going. highlights the current situation around the Dortmund Trainer.

This says for Lucien Favre

Favres game style was and is successful

What should not be forgotten in the small BVB crisis: Lucien Favre took over Dortmund not in glory times. After the disastrous season under Peter Bosz and Peter Stoeger, the district club urgently needed a new start.

The Favre – and how! The Swiss formed the later vice-champion from an uncertain team. With courageous offensive football and energetic pressing, Dortmund played the best football in a long time last season, not least thanks to Favre’s game philosophy.

The strengths of the black-yellow are also clearly visible in the current season, for example in the 4:0-victory against Bayer Leverkusen. The Manko is in the constant, too seldom the team calls out the enormous potential on the place.

stars stand behind their coach

Even if the image has been transported out more in recent weeks, the BVB has internal disagreements, the players Favre strengthen their back.

” Trainer is an excellent tactician who always tries to bring a healthy positivity to the cabin,”explained Roman Jurki in an interview with the”Sports Image.”The accusations that the coach is blaming the main blame for the crisis, The Keeper did not want to let go.

Mats Hummels reacted with incomprehension to the criticism that the coach could not motivate the team: “I think he is more outgoing internally than in the public. Favre is the first person in the cabin to fire, motivate, point to dangers.”

The BVB has no alternatives on the transfer market

As trivial as it sounds, the black-yellow is currently lacking the options to respond to any possible trainer load. Potential successors who satisfy the demands of the club bosses are difficult to have right now.

Furthermore, the BVB should be warned by its own past. 2017, the last time Borussia Dortmund had to go head over heels for trainers after the Bosz dismissal, the selection was also not very big. In the end, the troublemaker, the unsuccessful round is well known.

A trainer debate has not been in the room in the last few weeks at all.” There is no coach discussion. This has not changed at all,”said Sports Director Michael Zorc, who recently dismissed the topic.

This says against Lucien Favre

The BVB lacks a defensive concept

As furiously the BVB offensive plays in part, This is how haneb chen defends the defensive. Partly the four-chain stands risky at the height of the center line and is fertilized with simple long balls. In other situations, the defense acts far too passively and simply lets the opposing pressure happen.

Favre is currently unable to equip its defensive with the necessary balance. In addition, there is a blatant weakness in opposing standards. 14 Counterpoint the BVB collected after resting balls, too much for a top team.

Favres system seems decrypted

Regularly over 60 percent ball possession is not enough to win games. Dortmund gains this insight so far. “We control, perhaps we control too much and do not attack enough,” noted midfielder Thomas Delaney.

For despite the larger parts of the game, the district club produces little offensive breakthrough power. The BVB simply lacks the tempo in the game forward.

Dortmund sometimes screws himself with a variety of cross passes. Favre has no concept against now deeper and more densely squared opponents. Looks like the coach doesn’t have a plan B. No system variability.

Little trust from Watzke

The German championship goal, called by Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke, shared Favre only half-heartedly and stepped on the euphoric brakes instead.

In addition, Watzke’s newly published book “Real Love” provided fuel. A life with the BVB”. In it, the 60-year-old admitted to regret the separation of Jurgen Klopp 2015.

“Perhaps it would have been better if we had replaced the whole team and not the coach. Because we’d never get a coach like that again. But in retrospect, one is always smarter,”wrote Watzke. In addition, the BVB 2018 has been working on a

A small page shift towards all BVB trainers of recent years and especially towards Lucien Favre.

Tom Kuhner