Denmark to start the World Cup only tied against Argentina

Denmark has experienced a harsh damper in the German preliminary group D at the Handball World Cup in Qatar. The second World Cup in Doha against Argentina did not go beyond a 24:24 (13:8).

Table one is Russia’s next German opponent after a 27:17 (17:9) against Saudi Arabia. The selection of the German Handball Federation (DHB) had won with 29:26 (17:13) against Poland. In Group A, Spain was unexpectedly challenged by the 38:33 (21:17) success against Belarus. The first rider is Slovenia by a 36:23 (16:14) edge battle against Chile. Host Qatar had already won with 28:23 against Brazil and is third.

Austria missed only a huge surprise in season A and lost only with 30:32 (13:16) against the World Cup third Croatia. Macedonia, after a 33:25 (18:14) against Tunisia, is the table leader in front of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which defeated Iran with 30:25 (12:16).

Olympiad France defeated the Czech Republic with 30:27 (16:9) at the start of group C, while the Olympia II Sweden fought Iceland with 24:16 (12:7). In the North African duel, Egypt defeated Algeria with 34:20 (17:9).

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