Denmark patches- Macedonia overtakes DHB team

Ex-World Champion Spain has entered the main round at the Handball-EM in Croatia early and meets German champions there. Denmark, the winner of the Olympic Games, has had a surprising run-in with the Czech Republic and has to worry about entering the second stage of the tournament.

Spain defeated Hungary in Varazdin with 27:25 (13:12) and leads Group D with 4:0 points. The two-time European champion Denmark had to give himself to the Czechs with 27:28 (16:15). Both teams have 2:2 points, ending with Hungary (0:4). Denmark meets Spain on Wednesday in the top game, the Czech Republic plays Hungary.

In the German group C Macedonia entered Zagreb by a 29:28 (15:16) against Montenegro in the second stage of the tournament and with 4:0 counters took over the table tips before the German selection (3:1). The team of German trainer Christian Prokop had solved the main round ticket against Slovenia with a 25:25 (10:15). On Wednesday, Macedonia and Germany are fighting for the group ticket in a direct duel.

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The Danes also had seven gates of Superstar Mikkel Hansen helped. Aitor Arino, Valero Rivera, Alex Dujshebaev and Adrian Figueras each scored four goals. The best pitcher of the game was the Hungarian Bence Banhidi with six hits.

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