Dark days: Hamilton sees opportunities fade

With the qualifying for the Russian Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton has arrived at the preliminary low point of a screwed-up season. This was to be noted to the British in his press hour with every syllable.

Not even on his obligatory contributions on a social media platform, from which he had not even been dissuaded by an official ban of Formula One organisers, he still had the will on Saturday in Sochi. Not today,”Hamilton hums. He talks about “dark days”.

After two missed starts, two unprovoked collisions and two damage to the turbocharger –in just three and a half grand prix –he is served. There’s nothing you can do about it,”Hamilton shrugs. I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do and everything I can do. But this is just bad luck.”

At this moment, another pilot is speaking than the one to whom the 31-year-old seems to have matured in the recent past. In his voice, disappointment, frustration and a little resignation sway.

Hamilton feels almost helpless

What is more important to him, a journalist wants to know. The disappointment or the anger? Neither, says Hamilton, to take a long break after that. I can’t find any words for that.”He’s”almost helpless.” For no matter how hard his crew works, no matter how round the Free Trainings run, out of the clear sky the defective witch strikes again and again.” I don’t know whether to believe in luck or misfortune. Everything t hat happens has a reason.”But Mercedes has not found it.

The 36-point lag in the overall rating on the stable-level Nico Rosberg – on Sunday once again on the pole-position – will multiply, no wonder:”The goal keeps moving further and further away. And I can’t do anything,”says Hamilton, crunching to find words of confidence again and to think again about the spirit of battle that many have promised.

“It is another great challenge. And it gets bigger. Every challenge is also an opportunity to grow. I like this idea very much,”he finds in philosophical words a new force.”I like this idea very much.” Even on the darkest days there is a bit of light. That’s what you have to focus on, and better days will come.”The only question is when. The race in Russia is not a sugarcane for Hamilton, who has won the two Grands Prix in Sochi so far.

Toto Wolff

He apparently sees himself driving into the second curve without front wings: “I just hope for a clean first round and a car, which is still in one piece,”he says with the thought of the recent accident and still believes in damage limitation:”It is possible. I don’t know how hard it is, but I’m not that bad at overtaking.”Because he still has the best car in the field with the W07, nor can he rely on his skills:”There have been much darker days,”says Hamilton.”There have been many darker days.” With my experience I can think that I have become World Champion three times.”

Mercedes sports director Toto Wolff understands that his star is hanging his head and admits to him the emotions:”Someone who has so often had technical problems is annoyed. We cannot and should not change that,”says the Austrian in the open room, believing that Hamilton would pull out of the mess at his own head:”Nobody needs to build it. He is strong and a fighter –he has been in this situation many times in his life and he will get over it.”

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