Curve 1 in Spielberg named after Niki Lauda

Running Niki Lauda gets another curve in Spielberg. Sunday morning the first curve was officially renamed Niki Lauda curve. The three-time World Champion, who was the only Austrian pilot to win the home Grand Prix, is hereby set a monument.

On the 20th of May of this year the news of the death of Niki Laudas Austria and the motor sports scene was deeply saddened. The 70-year-old was one of the most famous figures in the Alpine republic. Already shortly after the announcement of the shock, a homage to Lauda was initiated at the Grand Prix of Monaco.

On Sunday in Spielberg, Lauda’s homestretch for many years, some surprises are also planned. Widow Birgit Lauda, son of Lukas Lauda and long-time companion Laudas, Helmut Marko, participated in the official opening of the curve on Sunday morning in curve 1.

Lauda was already in the past on the Austrian and A1 ring named after a curve. When 2014 celebrated its comeback in the Murtal, curve 7 was renamed a sponsor for commercial reasons. I am already very disappointed,”said the Viennese at the time. Only Jochen Rindt kept his curve 9.

Lauda is ubiquitous on the Austrian weekend. On the qualifying Saturday, the son of Lukas Lauda Polesetter Charles Leclerc presented the pole position award. In the driving camp, some memorials remind of the legend. At McLaren, the winning spot of the Austrian race 1984 and a Lauda helmet are exhibited in front of the motorhome.

In addition, a photo gallery with selected pictures showing Lauda’s most important life stations is exhibited in the’Hall of Fame’under the starting-goal-stand. The Ferrari 312T from the first world championship year 1975 can be admired in the driving camp, in the McLaren MP4-2 fan zone from the third world championship year 1984.

Fans can also look forward to a surprise on the stands on Sunday. Several thousand red capsules were distributed on the seats on Saturday evening, in addition to the traditional red and white flags.