Curious mistake: did Ferrari violate curfew?

Curious incident at Ferrari: On Saturday morning, the FIA reported that the Ferrari team had used up its first of two hours of lockdown: According to the World Association, between 2:00 o’clock at night and 10:00 o’clock in the morning, Scuderia team members responsible for operating the bolt were in the driver’s camp. This caused trouble for Sebastian Vettel’s team, who knew nothing about a night shift.

So what happened? Didn’t Ferrari team members look at the clock in the morning and enter the paddock a few seconds early? In fact, it was Ferrari employees who poured very early into the driver’s camp on Saturday.

In the meantime, however, the matter was clarified: it was not a member of the racing team who caused the alleged violation, but an employee of the junior academy in Maranello, for which the scheme does not apply anyway. The man responsible for the care of the juniors Giuliano Alesi and Callum Illot had been registered as a classical team member.

The FIA has now recognized the error and officially reported on Saturday evening that Ferrari did not commit an infringement after all. The person concerned is not connected to the operation of the cars,”says the Technical Delegate Jo Bauer.

Ferrari does not get away with it on Saturday without penalty: WM-Leader Vettel has the speed limit lowered to 60 km/h by 1, 7 km/h exceeded and must therefore pay 200 euro penalty. Vettel and his team will be able to live with this.