Crisis management at Mercedes

In the long run between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg Mercedes is heading for a real stress test in Silverstone. With the main actors of the currently best Formula One racing stable, the nerves are blank.

After the escalation at the Formula 1-Grand-Prix of Austria, the incumbent Motorsport Chief Toto Wolff wants his two disbanded Drivers finally restrain in the announced crisis talks. For a long time, even the silver arrows have been speculating about drastic deterrents before another crash. However, before his home game at the Home of British Motor Racing, the English World Champion Hamilton hopes that Mercedes will abandon a stable lord.

I want to race. I grew up like this,”stressed Hamilton, who, after his last-minute victory in Spielberg, has only eleven points left on his German stables in the driver’s valuation. We drive more than 320-kilometer an hour, and there’s never gonna be any trouble between us? I have my doubts. I hope that nothing changes and we can continue to drive free.”

In Austria it had collided between Hamilton and Rosberg repeatedly. The leading German wanted to counter an attack by the three-time World Champion in the final round, But he collided with his silver arrow and finally had to settle for square four after a damage to the front wing. Hamilton, however, rested to his third season success.

Think for the Formula One Stars

“Everything comes on the table. There will be no sacred cows,”Wolff announced talks, and did not exclude a stable lord either. If Hamilton and Rosberg “do not understand not to drive in the car, then we will have to think for them”. The great thing is that Toto and Niki Lauda have been so great for the past three years and let us go free. That is what racing is all about,”Hamilton clearly voted against a Stallord. Rosberg, on the other hand, had announced that he would “accept a decision to do so by Motorsport Chief Wolff and Team Supervisor Lauda”.

Wolff is considering whether the learning curve of his explosive duo is steep enough to stop jeopardizing the success of the World Championship team. After all, the couple was in control for a long time. Between the first decisive contact of the two opponents on the track in Belgium on the 24th of August 2014 and the next major crash in Spain on the 15th of May of this year were at least 30 races.

The fierce struggle of the “team-colleagues”

Now, however, the battle between Hamilton and Rosberg was already going on. for the third time in the last five Grand Prix. The Telegraph once speculated eagerly what punishments might threaten the fighting hens. There was talk of fines and suspension. Just before Hamilton’s home race in England, however, introducing a stable lord is likely to upset the 140-000 Formula One fans expected on race day.

The extent to which the rivalry between Hamilton and Rosberg has assumed, Lauda described on “ServusTV” in a show recorded before the Austrian race. Lewis gets wilder the more Rosberg’s out front. I was there when he trashed his hotel room in Baku because he went into the wall,”said Lauda. In addition, the friendly conversation with Rosberg at a pool in Monaco spread from Hamilton to Baku was nothing more than a “show”.

“I am fighting for the World Championship and therefore we will continue to fight against each other,” Hamilton described the ever-known high-explosive starting position on the silver arrows.” Hopefully, however, we will learn from these experiences and there will be no more similar incidents as we have had them.”