Clean starts 2017 with old engines

Sauber wants to volunteer the 2017 season with the 2016er Ferrari drive unit. A controversial decision, as the Toro Rosso Memorial shows: the small Red Bull troop has a very good chassis’, But because of the old engine, it slipped further and further back in the course of the season.

Clean Pilot Marcus Ericsson also had doubts about the clean decision according to his own information at first: I questioned it very much and wondered, If this is really the right way.”

But meanwhile, the clean engineers have convinced Sweden. One looks at Toro Rosso and sees how much they have lost, but our boys at the track and at the factory are convinced of it,”explains Ericsson. The old engine promises to be able to build on at least a fixed size in spite of the new regulation.

Focus on the development of the vehicle

“This way, as a small team, we can focus much better on the development of the vehicle, because we know our package, we know, What drive unit and what cooling unit we will have,”Ericsson sees advantages.” That makes sense to me. I trust the team. The decision was made not because of the money, but because in their opinion this is the best way for the team.”

Unlike the past years, you now have some money available through the Longbow entrance. Now we have the resources to push the chassis,”Ericsson confirms. And in order to really do that, according to their information, they need to know as soon as possible which engine will be in the rear.”

What the team may be ignoring: 2017 has for the first time since the beginning of the turbocharger dropped the token regulation. This could destroy the hope of the racing stable that the development curve of the drive units in the fourth year of the turbo regulation will be significantly flattened.