China-Start: Alonso is optimistic

In Bahrain this weekend Fernando Alonso may not start at the advice of FIA doctors after his crash in Melbourne. At the next race in Shanghai, the Spaniard tracks his comeback.

The FIA will make the final decision,”said the 34-year-old,”If we come to China, it will be six weeks since Australia. This is a period in which something like this can normally heal. We’ll see. I am optimistic that I can drive.”

However, the final decision will also be left to the medical department. Alonso’s replacement driver Stoffel Vandoorne has to leave the cockpit again.

The world champion of 2005 and 2006, who has been so impeccably slowed down in his rank of action, will not be able to do much to prevent this from happening.” The only thing I can contribute to healing is not to move and spare myself. This is frustrating, because if you want to speed up the healing, you simply can’t do anything and have to turn daffodils at home,”he said.

Alonso had several rib fractures during his accident at the start-up race Down Under. In order to avoid the risk of injuring the lung with the bones, Bahrain doctors pulled him out of circulation.

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