BVB legend complains Uli Hoeness: “Shot out of the goal”

Uli Hoeness’s comments on the goalposts question on the German national football team continue to sound high. Also former BVB player Steffen Freund criticizes the Bavarian president for his tantrums.

“No question at all, Uli has once again missed the target and this is not the first time in the last two or three years”, The 49-year-old commented on the event in the “RTL” broadcast “100% percent of”Nitro Football”.

Hoeness had intervened last week in the public fight between national goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and his challenger Marc-Andre ter Stegen. In his words, the club boss brought new sharpness to the discussion.

“He has no right to play there at all,” the 67-year-old bet: “We will not allow ourselves to enjoy this in the future, that our players will be harmed here for no reason. There is no discussion at all for anyone in the world to doubt that Manuel Neuer is in the goal with us in Germany”.

Previously, Stegen had expressed his disappointment at the role of bank printer in the team of Federal Coach Joachim Lion. Later, however, the Bavarian goalkeeper rowed back.

Hoeness was criticized from many quarters for his Schelte, which was also directed against Leo and the DFB.

Lutz Pfannenstiel, sports director at Fortuna Dusseldorf, defended the long-standing manager of Munich. but in the “RTL” show: “He won’t be at FC Bavaria for long, but it has to be said that Uli Hoeness has done so much for German football and FC Bavaria, so he can beat around. But you don’t have to accept everything and take it seriously. Everyone may have his or her opinion.”