But Ferrari? Unworried Ricciardo continues to play poker

Despite the premature contract extension of his teammate Max Verstappen at Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo is not worried about his job.

The Australian, who is only contractually bound for the upcoming Formula One season, was informed of the team’s plans with the stable boy. Of course we talked about it briefly,”Ricciardo confirms. Christian and Helmut (Horner and Marko; Amen. d. Red.) have made it clear that they want to hold me.”

That Ricciardo has not signed anything so far is also tactical calculation. In contrast to understand, he wants to wait and see how the engine situation at Red Bull develops, and finally 2021 is to enter into force a new regulation.” That’s why I’m not making a decision yet,”underlines the five-time Grand Prix winner and is warned:”Things can change quickly.”

Ricciardo could also benefit financially by playing poker for his new contract.” Of course, I’m going to take a detour. I’ve already hired 24-men,”he laughs at a possible negotiating staff. In fact, he prefers to take matters into his own hands when it comes to furnishing his current annual salary of 11.3 million euros: “I’ve never had a big team around me before. Only my lawyer helps me with such things.”

Ricciardo compares Verstappen’s situation with his

priority has the question of the salary but not:”I care primarily about performance. I’m still good enough to take care of the fastest car and not the biggest cheque,”says Ricciardo, who is also being dealt with at Ferrari as successor to old master Kimi Riding Kings.

That understanding with his deal would have made a mistake, Ricciardo does not want to conclude from his considerations: “I cannot assess Max’s situation. He is at a different point in his career and has more time to build something around him,”says Ricciardo, who is eight years older than the Dutch. Means in the subtext: Understanding can allow itself to wait for a bad car to be brought to the fore rather than it can.