Brawn traces Ferrari break-in to Marchionne’s death

Since Sergio Marchionnes’death Ferrari has celebrated only one victory in seven races. Former Ferrari Chief of Technology Ross Brawn, who today acts as Liberty Media Chief of Technology, sees a connection between the death of the hard-armed Italian and the break-in of Sebastian Vettels in the title fight against Lewis Hamilton.

There is no doubt, that the team was shocked by the sudden death of leader Marchionne, because he was such a strong reference person,”says the Brit.”The British And that is also perfectly understandable.”

In such times one should”stand together and look forward, A possible reference by Brawns to the open criticism of team leader Maurizio Arrivabene on his team after the qualifying debacle in Suzuka.

Surer sharply criticizes Ferrari-Spitze: “How is this going to work?”

The technology is the current lack of opportunity of Scuderia against Mercedes not: “If you look at how the car behaves, you will notice that Ferrari has a very strong package thanks to the efforts of the past years. And compared to the previous year, reliability has also improved.”

So it can only be the current leadership. This is also perfectly clear for “” expert Marc Surer. “” He says in the current edition of the Formula 1-Talk “Starting Grid”.

“Arrivabene was only the receiver of Sergio Marchionne. Now he’s gone, now he doesn’t have a real boss. Now they put Louis Camilleri on top of it. And now we have two Marlboro marketers running Ferrari. How is this going to go well?, he questions the current Ferrari top.

Surer: How Vettel suffers from the current leadership weakness

“Sorry, the racing! They’re going after Toto Wolff, who ran the race himself. They’re going after Christian Horner, who also drove himself. These are all racers, and then two Philip Morris people come along and think that they could lead the Formula One team,”he brings his criticism to the point. This can only go wrong.”

For the Swiss Ex-Formula-1 pilot, this is also an explanation for Sebastian Vettel’s numerous mistakes, which were due, among other things, to the team’s strategic patches. The four-time World Champion, who was held back by Motorsport Consultant Helmut Marko at Red Bull, also internally in the stables with Mark Webber, now lacks the support: “If you have previously worked with people like Christian Horner and Marko, and then you have an Arrival Level? Sorry. These are different calibers,”compares Surer Vettel’s current situation with the Red Bull success years.

Why Schumacher had it easier

“I think there is something lacking in support and that it is also happening very politically there”, He gives his assessment of the situation in Maranello. Politics has always existed at Ferrari, but Michael Schumacher had it easier: “In the past there was a strong Jean Todt who simply pushed it all away and controlled the shop. And that’s all gone now.”

Without Marchionne’s tragic and unexpected death at the end of July”maybe Vettel could talk to him, too, and he would correct her again. I come back to the conclusion that there is simply no strong leadership.”

Who could follow Arrivabene?

But who could follow Arrivabene, who was counted in Suzuka and who, according to information from””, now recognizes his hopelessness and even wants to follow Juventus Turin?”I’m sorry. The only good man in the leadership is certainly Mattia Binotto,”Surer calls the Chief of Engineering, who has the team chief himself in his sights and is therefore entangled in a power struggle with the Arrivabene. I think he’s very capable. He has also set up a fast car.”

But Ferrari Binotto may need to be in the technical department, which the Italian with Swiss roots has brought to the fore in an impressive way in recent years.” Who can make the top leadership, I see no one now,”Surer immediately sees no logical successor for Arrivavel.

“This is also a very difficult task. We know that when you go there as a foreigner, you have a hard time with Italian mentality. And if you’re Italian, it’s gonna be hard to get through. But the ensuing debate was not hopeless.” There certainly is if you think about it.”