Brawn sure: Will continue to give German drivers

Germany is located in formula 1 on the descending branch. If at the beginning of the 2010s there were some seven German pilots in formula 1, 2020 only Sebastian Vettel holds up the flag and Mercedes with the teams. Germany has already said goodbye to the calendar after the end of Hockenheim.

But Formula One sports director Ross Brawn is sure that Germany will play a bigger role again someday. This comes in waves,”he says, addressing the falling number of German pilots. Because with Mick Schumacher another German could follow in the near future, with Ralph’s son David Schumacher and Lirim Zendeli two are already confirmed in formula 3.

“I am sure there will be German drivers in the future,” Brawn continues. He is also convinced t hat Mercedes will continue to play a role in Formula One, even if there have been rumors of a withdrawal of the brand over and over again lately.

“Streets come and go over the years”

And what about the calendar situation around Hockenheim or the Nurburgring?” Streets come and go over the years,”Brawn says pragmatically. Although Germany has a proud history in Grand Prix sport, “we cannot bend the playing field. This is a real sport, and if you leave things inside that don’t fit naturally, you distort the sport and you shouldn’t do that.”

The same applies to drivers. With the introduction of the superlicense points, it has already been ensured that drivers who do not deserve a place in the royal class are excluded.” Of course, there are still commercial considerations, but this is much better than before,”says Brawn.”It’s a lot better than before.” You don’t get a Formula One license unless you really deserve it. That’s what we want.”

“You don’t play in the Bundesliga by throwing away a lot of money,”compares the British to other sports.