Brawn: Rosberg-end right decision

The new Formula One Sports Manager Ross Brawn can win positives in the absence of defending title Nico Rosberg this season.

For him it was probably the right decision, and probably for the sport as well. We don’t want to see a world champion go down. This would not be good for sport either,”said the British in an interview published on the official Formula One page. Rosberg had resigned surprisingly shortly after his first World Cup triumph last year.

The former team leader Brawn is expected to reform the royal class on behalf of the new Formula One owners after the appointment of long-term CEO Bernie Ecclestone. The 62-year-old relies on a five-year plan and more co-operation in the often controversial driver’s camp.” Everyone should try to improve formula one. Because a great formula 1 is good for everyone,”said Brawn.

Five-year plan:”More hiding in formula 1″

A long-term approach is needed. Only in this way could all necessary changes be considered and the necessary decisions taken on the right basis.” At the end of the year, if we have an idea of what our vision is of where we want to go, that would be an important success,”Brawn said.

As one of his goals, he called to free the smaller teams from the dependence of so-called payers who buy into the cockpit with sponsor millions.” My dream in this five-year plan is that we have more understanding in formula one. We want a system that only provides for the best drivers in formula 1,”Brawn said, referring to centuries-old talent Max Verstappen by Red Bull.