Bottas warns of Mercesdes satisfaction

In Spielberg, Valtteri Bottas started the Formula One season with a victory. But only a week later, the Mercedes pilot had to give himself up at the same place, teammate Lewis Hamilton, but retained the World Championship for the time being. However, this changed on the third weekend of the race in Hungary.

Because Bottas only became third and Hamilton won again, the Brit passed the Finnish in the overall rating and now comes to 63 points and thus five more than Bottas. Nevertheless, after the first three Grand Prix, he draws a positive balance.

I think my performance was good. I think there may have been some unfortunate events. It cost me a little. But from the performance I am satisfied,”the 30-year-old analyzes. It is a very encouraging start, as I said after the first two races.”

Bottas:”Believe in my ability to beat him”

Nevertheless, every Grand Prix is a story for itself.” Everything has to go right, Bottas knows. But it didn’t go well in Austria in wet qualifying, and it didn’t go well this weekend because of the race start.”But from that he”learned massively again”.

With a view to the next race weekend in Silverstone, where Bottas did get the pole position last year, For many seasons but dominated by Hamilton, the Finnish is confident: “It is a good track. I know Lewis is strong there, no doubt. Just like he’s strong everywhere. But I also believe in my ability to beat him. This is the big challenge for me.”

Whether Hamilton remains the only serious opponent in the fight for the World Cup title 2020,”we will find out at the end of the year,”says Bottas.”We will find out.” We have only completed three races, and most likely we will actually have some this year. At this point? Yes.”

WM decision between Hamilton and Bottas?

“Based on two different routes we seem to be the best car. Sometimes with a big head start. That’s a fact,”the Mercedes pilot holds. But you just never know how the season goes. So we’re going to keep up the pressure.”

At the moment, it looks as though it’s going to end in a duel between him and Hamilton in the World Championship. But you just never know,”Bottas emphasises. It’s formula one. Anything can change. My main concern is to improve my performance and beat my teammates as well as everyone else on the track.”