Bottas disappointed despite new record

When Lewis Hamilton took a 0086-second lead over the finish line, pure joy broke out of him. Rarely had the five-time World Champion been so cheerful after a pole position. It means so much to me,”he says. I had to get out more than ever. And I’m glad I did it.”

It’s not just any Pole for the British, of course. Also, the fact that it’s the 85th should interest him only moderately. But with this, he was able to crack the pole series of teammate Valtteri Bottas, who had also made a strong first attempt. More importantly, after the death of his friend Niki Lauda, he was able to make another special gift.

“We are already running all the last races for Niki, who is not there. But this is where we want to make it special,”says Teamboss Toto Wolff. He knows how much the Pole means to his pilot. Hamilton had been excused by the press conference on Wednesday, but in the cockpit so far he brings his performance.

Next record label for Mercedes

“Everyone dreams of this race as a child,” Hamilton says after the session. “The next record label for Mercedes

” No matter how many times you come here, it remains a dream.”In addition, Monaco was not necessarily a good plaster for Mercedes until now, but the silver arrows have shown that they do not seem to conquer even in the narrow city course.

For half a second the competition was taken away, which, in the form of Red Bull last year, was still the great favorite of the victory. We have a great package,”says Hamilton, who set the next record at the same time. It was the 62. Double pole for the silver arrows, with which one equated with McLaren, Williams and Ferrari! All four are now in the same number.

“We are currently on a great journey with Mercedes. There are many records that we have broken,”Wolff says. What is so fun is to work in the troops.”Despite the difficult circumstances, the mood with the silver arrows was good.” This is already a great thing,”says the Austrian.

Bottas disappointed: Traffic annoys

Only one person is not in such a good mood after qualifying. I am disappointed,”says Valtteri Bottas. The Finnish had assumed after his first round that he could get his fourth pole in a row.” But that was not the case,”he argues. Because teammate Hamilton finally unpacked the hammer again.

“The round was hard. I had some lower taxes in the Rascasse, but I was still able to tear it up,”says Hamilton.”I’m sorry. At the end of the last curve, I lost something. I had hoped for this one thousandth of a second that would make the difference.”In the end, it was even 86 of them.”I’m sorry. I’ll take that with me. It is perfect.”

Bottas could not add more in his second Q3 attempt. The Finnish person is responsible for transport during his warm-up round. Mercedes wasn’t sure if a round of warming-up was enough or if you needed another round. Bottas went wrong: “I knew I could improve in some places after the first round. But in the warm-up round I had a lot of traffic and could not warm up the tires enough,”he argues.

With the words”shitty traffic”on the radio he ended his round prematurely. And even though the pole in Monaco is so important, he doesn’t want to throw it into the grain yet: “Anything can happen. Of course, it would have been nice to have stood on poles, but giving up after Saturday makes no sense,”he defiantly says.”It’s not worth it.” There is a long race ahead of us, and I will try to get my place back.”

“Enjoy the moment”: Hamilton celebrates on fence

But the Saturday belongs to Lewis Hamilton first. The Brit was barely able to catch up after his pole position and even climbed a fence to celebrate with the fans: “I was just so super hip,” he says. I tried to keep it in me, but there were just so many Brits and so many British flags. I don’t know, man. It was just such a spontaneous thing. I even thought the fence would fall down. But luckily he did not!”

Hamilton says that he just wanted to let his feelings out because great things would be celebrated far too seldom.” I won races and went straight to the meetings. Then you go home, watch TV and do normal stuff and you don’t catch the moment at all,”he says. It was just important for me to enjoy it. You never know when such a moment will come back.”

But, of course, Hamilton has not yet won anything. Because a lot can happen in Monaco. That’s what Niki Lauda would have known, Wolff says. Because when asked how Lauda would have reacted to the Pole, all he meant was that he would have said:’Finally, in Monaco too. And now forget the qualifying, we have to implement it tomorrow in the race.'”