Biggest question mark in front of Melbourne: Where is Red Bull?

When it comes to the hacking order in the Formula-1-season 2019, there are currently only trends. It is true that the winter tests have already provided indications as to who could be sorted in about where this year. However, some question marks remain. And the biggest question mark before the Melbourne season air strike is probably behind Red Bull. Because in the Barcelona test, the cops could never fully turn on.

Because Pierre Gasly dismantled the RB15 on the day before the last test, Verstappen could no longer run a qualification test on the last day. So you can at most try to read something out of the times of the longruns. But they are always to be enjoyed with caution. At any rate, we had a good winter test”, keeps Verstappen in front of Melbourne and explains:”There were not so many problems.”

“I was very happy about how everyone worked together. I think this is very important and a good start,”said the Dutch. In fact, the main focus in Barcelona was on the reliability of the new Boliden. Red Bull is driving Honda motors for the first time this year, which makes the question of the competitiveness of the cops even more exciting this season.

What does the upgrade bring?

According to the intel one did not have any major problems with the new engine, so he was “very happy”. In terms of performance, however, he also has to admit: “It is still a little difficult at the moment to judge exactly where we stand.” Another factor that no one can estimate at the moment is the upgrade for the RB15 that Red Bull brought to Australia.

Originally the parts should only arrive in China, But the cops preferred the upgrade. In an interview with “ServusTV”, Hermut Marko also stated that he sees his team at the race stage “behind Ferrari but in front of Mercedes”. Understanding goes anyway with a good feeling to the first weekend of the race 2019 and explains: “Everyone [in the team] is very motivated, very positive and very focused on their job.”

Team colleague Gasly, despite his accident, also talks about a “positive” test.” I was able to drive many rounds anyway,”he recalls and explains:”I learned a lot about the new package, the new power unit was very positive.”At the same time, however, there is also a question mark behind its performance. First of all, the new access itself admits that it does not yet feel good in the car to 100 percent.

Gasly: Still no attack on hiding

“It will probably take some time before I feel as comfortable as I did last year at Toro Rosso,” he confesses. Although progress has already been made in the set-up. Nevertheless, he still needs time to get used to his new team and the new car and also to the higher expectations this year.” After a few days, things can’t be perfect yet,”he explains.

Therefore, after his crash on his last test day, he has no self-doubt. These things happen in motor sports. You have to learn from it and move on,”he shrugs. He still does not want to set himself too high goals at the beginning of the season. On the question of whether he wants to put pressure on Max Verstappen from the beginning, he explains: “At the moment this is clearly not the goal yet.”

The Frenchman admits that he currently lacked the experience in the team –and generally in formula 1- in order to be able to absorb it with understandings. Therefore, it is “not the right target” for him to challenge the Dutch. In the coming months, he simply wanted to “learn as quickly as possible” to become faster. He can start this already this weekend.