Bavarian-Aus perfect? James has allegedly promised Naples

The chances of James Rodriguez staying with FC Bavaria are probably only theoretical. It is even more unlikely that the Colombian will return to Real Madrid after the official loan has ended. However, the search for a new club is supposed to be anything but easy.

For almost two years now, the leaders of FC Bavaria know that they have to decide by the end of June 2019 whether to commit James Rodriguez to 42 million euros from Real Madrid. And yet the Munich bosses have still not passed judgment. The longer the clock ticks, the more unlikely it becomes to transfer the 27-year-old, who would stand in the way of further new entrances in particular.

For Spanish media it is therefore long since clear that James to 1. July will be a real Madrid player again. The kings have no use for the South American. But a sale is not as easy as expected.

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Real Madrid wants to sell James to the Premier League

Real boss Florentino Perez would like to sell James to the Premier League according to “Marca”. As a result, the royal head hopes for large transfers that could be invested in new players on the other hand. But James is not supposed to see his future on the island. The Colombian would prefer to switch to Series A to Italy instead, writes the sports newspaper.

The problem: With the exception of Juventus Turin, hardly a club is able to pay the sum of wishes that Reality intended. Around 70 million euros the kings would like to rescue from a James transfer, it says.

SSC Naples and James’former coach Carlo Ancelotti say “AS” has already agreed with James and reported to Madrid. However, Real immediately rejected the offer.

According to “Marca” Ancelotti wants to launch a new attempt very soon to lure his former protege into the A series. The Colombian was the “transfer target number one” of the former Bavarian coach.