Bad Boys reloaded: DHB team back in EM mode

The Bad Boys are back in EM mode. In the 28:25-victory against Slovenia, DHB’s selection bribed with willingness to sacrifice and a much improved defensive. Now the group train is waving.

Patrick Wiencek dragged himself chalky to the team bus. The cyclist of the German handballers really did not look like a winner. And yet, like no other, Wiencek stood for such an important success against Slovenia and the first quarter-final entry of a German team to the Olympic Games since Silver 2004.

“What the players do for the future makes me proud”, German trainer Dagur Sigurdsson said and explicitly praised the independant commitment of Wiencek. The Kieler had hardly slept the night before because of a stomach-intestinal flu, surrendered immediately before the game in the cabin and then sacrificed himself for the team.

And so after the third victory in the fourth game it was a matter of highlighting the special spirit of his team.” We don’t live on big stars,”said the Icelander. After the surprise defeat against hosts Brazil, his team would have “not gone crazy” and “shown that we are a good team. It can’t be better.”

“The cake is on the table”

DHB Vice President Bob Hanning also sees the team on the”right track”. The first goal was achieved. The cake is on the table, now it’s about the cream on it,”Hanning said on Sunday looking at the last foreplay against Egypt on Monday. In fact, the Bad Boys gave an impressive response to the unexpected damper two days earlier and showed themselves to be significantly improved in the defensive. Encouraged by the spectacular reflections of their Keeper Andreas Wolff, the European champions, with an aggressively uncompromising defensive work, even brought to life memories of the successful EM.

“We get our good feeling above all about the defensive,” said Backroom player Steffen Weinhold. He made “great progress” in the most important part of the German team compared to the previous games: “I am confident of that.” Defense Chief Finn Lemke gave a clear march route for the game against Egypt: “victory, victory, victory.” If this happens, Wings place one as a reward.


A key to success is Wolff, who has shown his best performance so far. The tribe leader, who had only been on the record for a short time against Brazil, took his team on a victory course especially in the second section with important parades and scored two goals by remote throw –his tournament meeting number three and four.

“The game pause did him quite well. Now he is completely in the tournament,”said delegation leader Hanning. In general, however, he did not like to agree with the new qualities of his closing maneuver. The new rule, according to which a team can permanently exchange the goalkeeper for a field player, Hanning sees “very critically. I am not at all a friend of that.”

Discovery was meanwhile on Wiencek, team manager Oliver Roggisch gave the green light.” Patrick is doing much better, he was able to exercise easily today,”he said after the unit on Sunday:”He slept a lot and was able to take something solid again.”Roggisch is definitely expecting a bet.

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